Here on the blog we'll be discussing alcohol addiction, it's effects on sufferers, their loved ones, and the wider community, as well as making a success of recovery & treatment for addiction, in the long term.   Alcoholism has wide impacts. In most online communities this discussion revolves around the alcoholic themselves, and their success and progress in recovering from it.   We'll also be covering elements which are overlooked, like the effects of alcohol addiction on the wider public, the impact on public healthcare spending, and the co-occurring issues running alongside, which also consume public healthcare funding.   Within this is the onus of responsibility for the recovering alcoholic - someone who has spent years (in some cases, a lifetime) actively avoiding responsibility, and is now actively engaging in life again.   Many alcoholics following the 12 steps attempt to pay back what they feel they took from loved ones and others, either by seeking forgiveness, or by directly rebuilding elements of life and relationships, that they feel they took from, during active addiction.   Rather than devote the site to just one perspective and dedicate only to recovery, we hope to give equal illumination to the other (perhaps darker?) side of addiction, which is those who are not personally addicted, but are most certainly affected by alcoholism.   Interesting times ahead. More soon.... Read More